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Carson High School NJROTC

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Instructors and Company Staff
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Lieutenant Commander Jones is the Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) this is his third year at Carson High School and he served a combined total of 24 years in the armed forces (11 as an Air Force Para-Rescueman and 13 years as a Navy SEAL).

Contact Us

Office hours: 7:00 am-2:30 pm possibly 4:00pm

Office Phone Number: 775-283-1780/Fax 775-283-1787

E-mail address:



Master Chief Bisson is starting his first year as a Naval Science Instructor. He joins us after he recently retired from the Navy with over 30 years' experience. Master Chief has been assigned to various commands worldwide. 

Company Staff

Battalion Commanding Officer (CO)
C/Cdr Victor Quispe
Battalion Executive Officer (XO)
C/LtCdr Hemere Mosqueda
Battalion Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
c/MCPO Jordan Yadon 
Battalion Operations Officer (Ops)
c/LT Karen Polanco
Batallion Supply Officer (Supply)
c/LTJG Bryan Dones
Battalion Administration Officer (Admin)
c/LTJG Rebecca Ortiz 
Battalion Communications Officer (Comms)
c/LTJG Bradley Miller 
Armed Drill Team Commander (Armed)
c/LT Karen Polanco
c/Ensign Haley Ridgeley 

Unarmed Drill Team Commander (Unarmed)

c/Ensign Diana Gurrola 
c/Ensign Jeff Deleon 

Colorguard Commander (Color)

c/LTJG Evan Whitehead 

Battalion 1st Lieutenant (1st LT)

c/Ensign Hugo Hernandez 

Battalion  Weapons Officer (Weapons)

c/Ensign Sierra Grayshield 

Assistant Supply Officer (Assist Supply)

c/Ensign Elise Porter

Assistant Administration Officer (Assist Admin)