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Carson High School NJROTC

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Class Rules


Rules for NJROTC Classes


1.       Students may do anything in class as long as it does not interfere with the rights and learning of others.


2.       Students are tardy when they are not in the ROTC Center when the tardy bell ring stops.  On block scheduling, tardiness is unacceptable. We will assign ten push-ups for those who are tardy.  At the third tardy, we will call your parent/guardian. After the fourth tardy, we will assign lunch detention.


3.       Students will not consume food or drinks in the classroom. Drinking water is acceptable.  Chewing gum is not allowed in the building.


4.       We will hold students accountable for return of some letters sent home during the school year.


5.       Grading percentages are published in the cadet handbook. They are: academic (25%), military performance (30%), participation (10%), homework (10%), physical fitness test (5%), and final exam (20%).


6.        We have special rules for uniform wear and assign a military performance grade based on the appearance of the cadet in uniform.  If the cadet wears the uniform properly and meets grooming standards, we normally assign a grade of 90 or above.  If the cadet does not wear the uniform on uniform day, he or she may wear it the next naval science class day for a maximum grade of 80.  If absent on uniform day, the cadet should wear the uniform on the next naval science class day with no grade penalty.    Otherwise, the same lowering of the grade occurs.


7.       We expect students to be prepared for class each day.  Being prepared means bringing the note-taking sheets (if issued) and a writing instrument to class.  On test days, students will need a number two pencil.   We post the weekly schedule on the board each Monday.


8.       Dressing out for physical fitness (PT) is required. We may excuse you from some of the activities if you are unable to participate and bring a note from a parent. Do not leave uniforms, PT gear or other personal effects in the classroom without the permission of the instructors. Do not sit on the tables in the classroom.


9.       The phones are available for your use before/after school and during nutrition/lunch breaks.   Ask permission. 


10.   Building cleanliness is the responsibility of all students. When you leave the classroom, place the chairs under the tables and remove all your trash.


11.   Cellular telephones are to be off and out of sight during class.


12.   Do not wear high heels, open toe shoes, sandals, or flip flops for class. This type of footwear is unsafe for our classroom activities.